Seksé Branded Classes


Dance Cardio / Choreo

Get sweaty and feel seksé with 30 minutes of dance cardio followed by 30 minutes of choreo-cardio to a mashup of pop and hip-hop, ending it all with some seksé flexé stretching. 

Choreo-cardio is learning choreography without stopping the music, one eight count at a time to progressive tempos. This allows for continuous cardio as well as building muscle memory. Once routine is learned you perform all out for a high intensity workout. Love that Drip!


Dance Cardio / Choreo

Oh s*#t! Time to unleash in this unfiltered, seksé workout to explicit hip-hop beats. First we'll warm you up with dynamic dance stretching, then get your heart rate up with dance cardio, followed by a high intensity choreo-cardio routine, AND lastly we will cool it down with seksé, sensual stretching (dynamic and static). Beginners welcome; there is a learning curve but stick with it and you will catch on.


Must be 18 years or older to attend. Knee pads encouraged. 


Total Body Sculpting

Take a seat and sculpt your body the seksé way as we dim the lights and grab a chair for this total body workout! Designed to burn calories, tone and sculpt your entire body and increase your flexibility. This barre style and pilates infused class incorporates the use of a chair, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Flush out your muscles with sexy chair flow and learn some fun and easy chair moves! 


Sculpting / Choreo

Drop it low and twerk it out with seksé twerk moves plus strength exercises that will tone and build that bootAY. We will warm up it up with dynamic dance stretching and twerking, then on to circuits for a total body workout with an emphasis on the A$$, then we'll learn a twerk chore-cardio routine, and end it with a slow and sensual dynamic and static stretching cool down.

Bands and weights optional. Knee pads encouraged.


Sculpting / Strength

Sekse's new, exclusive workout designed for all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Dimmed lights and awesome music set the tone for this class, while our certified and trained pole instructors take you safely through a nonstop 45 minute calorie-burning, body-sculpting workout! We use a combination of resistance bands, dumbbells, and the pole as a piece of equipment. A great way to workout or to increase your pole strength and game!


Pole shorts and bare feet encouraged.



Dim the lights and open up your hips, legs and back with this deep active flexibility class . We will also flush out our bodies with some slow flow, and sexy yoga style movements. A great class for anyone looking to improve their flexibility and control with fluid movements. (coming soon)

Additional Class Offerings


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Spins & Tricks


Bliss Dance Workout







Booty Sculpt


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