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Seksé Branded Classes

Dance Cardio

This ain't your typical dance cardio, we do it the Seksé way with 45 minutes of of hip rolling, hair flipping, untamed dance moves to a mashup of pop and hip-hop in Seksé Sweat. Or get fully unleashed and hardcore in this unfiltered, shamelessly seksé workout to explicit hip-hop beats in Xplicit Sweat. First we'll warm you up with flirty dynamic dance stretching, then we'll bring out your inner-Beyoncé with our tantalizing proprietary dance cardio routines, and end it all with a sensual dance movement cool down mixed with static stretching, so you leave feeling like a BOSS B*TCH! 

*Some routines have floorwork and kneepads are encouraged. We sell and rent them. 

Intro to Pole

The perfect starting place for anyone new to pole. Pole Teaser introduces fundamentals of pole movement - such as grips, body awareness, and entry-level tricks. Combine that with just the right amount of sensual movement and flow, and you're sure to leave wanting more.


Our signature choreo-cardio classes are an effective way to learn dance combos and musicality while also getting a high intensity workout. Choreo-cardio is learning choreography without stopping the music, one eight count at a time, half speed and full speed, to progressive tempos. This allows for continuous cardio as well as building muscle memory. First we'll warm you up with by getting that body-ody-ody-ody moving along with sultry dynamic dance stretching, and then dive into a steamy routine that repeats to make a complete song,  taught to different tempos and beats.  Of course, we'll turn the lights down low and stretch it out to slow jams with flowy transitions. Time to unshackle your vixen!


Take a seat or grab a pole and sculpt your body the seksé way, to dim lights and bumpin' beats, for this total body workout! Designed to burn calories, tone and sculpt your entire body while increasing your flexibility. This barre style and pilates infused class incorporates the use of a chair or a pole, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Flush out your muscles with flirty pole or chair flow followed by our dance and static stretch. Getting lean and strong can be fun. This is a workout you can look forward to. Let us show you how we do it!  

™️ -

Looking to build and sculpt that bootaaay or slim down and tighten your core? These classes will target these muscles with light weights and resistance bands to help shape what your mama gave you! Classes will start with a seksé warm up, then mix it up with some dance cardio and exercises, plus stretch out your fatigued muscles with sexy stretching and flow at the end of class. 


In this class, we will introduce the sensual side of pole dance as we link together beginner spins, transitions, and sultry floor work. We will also cover fundamentals such as body movement, conditioning moves to help build strength, how to use your heels, as well as a clear breakdown of the moves and tricks. Learn a mini routine and how to flow and your moves together!


Drop it low and twerk it out with strength exercises that will tone and build that bootAY. First, we will get that motor running with some basic twerk moves and our dynamic dance stretching. Then we will use our resistance bands for a total body workout with an emphasis on the A$$, while incorporating twerk moves for active rests. Last, we will put out the fire with a naughty dynamic and static stretching cool down. Stick with this class and you'll be wanting to "look back at it" often. 

Bands and weights optional. Knee pads encouraged.



Dim the lights and open up your hips, legs, and back with this deep active flexibility class . We will also flush out our bodies with some slow flow, and sexy yoga style movements. A great class for anyone looking to improve their flexibility and control with fluid movements. 

Class Offerings


Bliss Dance Workout

BliXX (explicit Bliss)


Chair Teaser


Hot Seat (chair dance-cardio)

Seksé Choreo-Cardio

Seksé Sweat

X-plicit Choreo-Cardio

X-plicit Sweat



Dark Flow

Drip & Tease

Intro to Tricks & Spins

Low Flow

Open Pole

Pole Climbs & Invert Prep

Pole Conditioning

Pole Teaser

Pole Tricks Beg/Int/Adv

Pole Twerk

Seksé Pole Flow

Seksé Slow Flow



Seksé Booty 

Seksé Core

Seksé Sculpt - Chair

Seksé Sculpt - Pole


Deep Flexibility (Pole)

Seksé Flexibility

Seksé Floorplay

To book a class, please go to our schedule page!

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