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April 15th & 16th

9am - 5pm

Seksé Sculpt Training copy.jpg




Looking to become a Seksé Sculpt fitness instructor? Join us for a fun and interactive day of training where you will learn:


  • Group fitness training basics

  • Musicality: how break down music, counts, and beats and incorporate into fitness

  • Anatomy: a general understanding of the body and muscle groups

  • Movement patterns: different exercise ideas and considerations for targeting specific body parts

  • Safety & modifications: tips for avoiding common injuries and adapting class content to fit the needs of the individual students

  • Seksé's formula in preparing and building a class that's exhilarating, engaging, and makes members feel unf*ckingstoppable!!!

Completing this training could qualify you to teach the following classes: Seksé Sculpt, Seksé Sculpt-Pole (see note 1), Seksé Booty, Seksé Core (see note 2).


Note 1: In order to qualify to teach Seksé Sculpt-Pole, you must have a general understanding and experience in pole fundamentals. 

Note 2: In order to qualify to teach Seksé Core, you must have training and teaching experience in some type of dance-cardio fitness.

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