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Whether you’re new to pole fitness, don’t consider yourself a “good” dancer, or haven’t worked out in a long time, don’t worry we have classes for everyone! The full schedule with details about each class can be viewed at Below are some common questions…

1.) Do you have to be an experienced dancer to take classes at Seksé? 


If you're wanting to try dance, the majority of our classes are all-level, so we recommend picking one that sounds fun and going from there. Keep in mind that there will be a learning curve - but if you keep showing up, you will find your seksé. No experience necessary!


2.) I’ve never tried Pole, where do I start?


If you're wanting to try pole, we recommend starting with Pole Teaser (Intro to Pole). If none of the available times work for you, Intro to Tricks and Spins and Seksé Sculpt - Pole are also designed with beginner-friendly pole moves, just with different focus areas.

3.) What do I wear? 


Wear what helps you feel like your most Seksé self! Heels and knee pads are optional in some classes. Heel and knee pad rentals are available in-studio. Check class descriptions for specific details on what to wear.


FOR POLE: Pole or “booty” shorts that allow for bare legs, and a top that allows for bare arms and armpit grip are recommended for best skin contact. Please leave your jewelry at home (especially rings), as it can get caught (OUCHY!) and can damage the pole. For the best grip, wait until after class to apply lotion. 


FOR DANCE: Wear anything that makes you feel Seksé and is easy to move in! For some classes, you may want knee pads or sneakers. 

4.) I don’t think I am fit enough or I haven’t danced, poled, or worked-out in a long time. Will I be able to keep up? 


At Seksé, we encourage everyone to go at their own pace. We realize everyone is different when it comes to experience, goals, and routines. Don’t sweat it! We offer regressions and modifications, but most importantly fitness should be fun, so take the pressure off yourself and just show up ready to learn, sweat, laugh and most importantly feel, be, and own your seksé! 

5.) Am I too old to dance and/or pole at Seksé? 


Hell No! We encourage 18+. Seksé is meant to help people discover and rediscover their seksé, so our classes are designed for “mature audiences only” and you’re never too old to embrace your seksé!

6.) Is Seksé for women only? 

Another Hell to the No! We are for everyone—every gender, race, ethnicity, size, shape, belief... As long as you’re a good human being, kind, and compassionate, that’s all that matters to us! 

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