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On-Demand Classes

Dance, Pole, & Sculpt with us, anytime, anywhere!

That's right! Now you can access your favorite workouts anytime with Seksé On Demand for just $10/month!


New workouts added weekly! 


How It Works

  • Sign up for Seksé On Demand

  • You will then be able to access all of our pre-recorded workouts with your favorite instructors on our MindBody site.

Seksé Strong.jpg

To help keep you and your families moving and staying healthy, we are offering FREE livestream classes! Our instructors are working around the clock to help provide content for at home use. If you would like to donate to our online studio so we can help pay it forward to our instructors, we would greatly appreciate it! As a company, we are doing whatever we can to help slow the COVID-19 virus and support healthy communities.


$250 OR MORE = "SEKSÉ STRONG" T-Shirt, and

ONE HOUR FREE PRIVATE CLASS/ LESSON with up to six friends!


Livestream Schedule

Our livestream classes are FREE but if you can, we would love for you still donate to help support our amazing instructors who are volunteering their time and talent!

Here are tips on how to access our livestream classes:

  1. Sign up for class

  2. Check your email 10 minutes before class starts 

  3. Click the link in the email

  4. Enjoy your online class!


  1. Sign up for class

  2. Open the MB app

  3. Go to the class you signed up for

  4. Click on "Join livestream" link

  5. Enjoy your online class

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