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Workshops and Series

LATIN SENSUAL with/ Emanuel


Join the incredible Emanuel Colombo as he combines the best of our Latin rhythm and sensual dance classes, featuring sensual and seductive salsa/bachata combos and the latest hits in Latin music. Click the link below for available times and to register! 

$20.00 each

TIME TO HEEL with/ Stacia


Join the beautiful Stacia in her two hour workshop combining heart-work, mindfulness, and dance, Time to Heel is unlike any workshop that Seksé has yet hosted. Time to Heel takes sensual, embodied movement and intertwines thoughtful meditation around a specific theme -- this theme will invite you to turn inward for the first portion, and will be followed by a dance portion that will invite you to express the same theme outwardly. Come with an open heart and mind, and be ready to experience the possibility of healing through heels (although heels are, of course, optional!). Click link below for available times and to register.


No previous dance background required; however, attending one of Seksé's Floor Play classes beforehand may prepare you for some of the moves included.


Kneepads required. Heels optional. Dress up to match your energy!

$40.00 each

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