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Connecting Hearts, Minds, & Stories

The Seksé Social UnClub offers social gatherings intended to provide support, laughter & love; expanding our Sekse friendships beyond the studio! Everything Seksé still applies! Our socials are held in a safe space, free of judgement; where YOU matter and YOU belong! Socials will take place on different days/times to accommodate everyone's schedules & will offer a variety of locations to gather in. Sekse's new social club is an UnClub - inclusive & inviting, where ALL are welcome to attend! Sign up now on the website at to receive announcements and invitations for events!      "I want everyone to have somewhere to feel loved." - Dustin Riley

Upcoming Socials

Friday Mar 25th 5:30-6:30pm "Reveal Your True Self" 

Sun Apr 10th 11am-1pm "Breakfast UnClub" 

Wed May 18th 5:30-6:30pm "Dustin Does Trivia"

Fri June 3rd 8-10pm "Seksé's 3rd Birthday"

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