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Live Clean. Dance Dirty.

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Win our Live Clean. Dance Dirty tank & a FREE class.

Read below for information on how to enter to win.

Before we tackle the above mantra, let's address the elephant in the room—our name. People keep asking, what does seksé mean and how do you say it? You pronounce the é the same way you would with fiancé or Beyoncé—my muse. So something like “sek-say”. It must be said with attitude because that's what we are: fitness with attitude. Say it loud right now, wherever you are. I dare you! The meaning of seksé is a dare in itself. We dare you to try something new. We dare you to challenge the status quo of what is means to be “sexy”. We dare you to live your life unapologetically. Us founders dared to choose a name that was risqué (notice the é) in hopes it would galvanize people to DARE.

You may be curious about our backstory as well and why we created Seksé Fit. Also did you know this is a "livestyle" blog, not to be confused with "lifestyle". There is an explanation and purpose behind the names and how it connects to who we are as founders and a company (more on this in future blogs). Let’s start from the beginning with an original slogan that came before seksé and livestyle…

Live Clean. Dance Dirty serves as a great mantra for our clients, in and out of the studio. It’s also awesome on a shirt—a shirt that you can win (details below).

Live Clean

Be. A. Good. Person. Be kind to yourself, others and the earth. Take care of your body through healthy practices like fitness, diet, cognitive challenges and soulful or spiritual connections to yourself, others, and/or your religion (if you have one). Cultivate meaningful—long lasting relationships. Give back to your community and yourself; it’s ok to be “rationally selfish” (thanks Ayn Rand). Care about your environment and when it’s possible, do your part to recycle, shop locally, and eat organically. Don’t f*ck people over. Have standards and morals—that are true to you. Maybe you think cursing is bad, that’s fine and there’s no judgement (flipping the switch, how you like that?). We are adults, so we can do whatever the f*ck we want. We are not hurting anyone and doing our part to make this world a better place with our actions...LIVE AND LET LIVE. In all of this clean living, don’t try to be too perfect. Allow yourself to indulge occasionally. Most importantly, do it for YOU not your image. Good people like to dance dirty.

Dance Dirty

Don’t. Hold. Back. When you dance, let everything else around you melt into the background and unleash that sexy beast, that pent up energy, that fire within. Look inwardly at your desires and release them outwardly through dance. You are human and it’s your innate trait to want to feel sexy. There’s nothing wrong with that—damn it! Dance Dirty transcends the physical into our existential existence. One must live with moxie, intention, and gusto if you want to blaze a trail. People may try and hold you back so shake it up, get gritty, and be a contrarian, when necessary, and never, ever, try to “fit in”. Never, ever, hide from the spotlight or dim that sparkle. Don’t apologize for being YOU...EVER! Also stop being such a narcissist (geez)! Nobody cares about what you are doing... really. They’re too busy being a narcissist themselves and caring about what people think of them. HA! Ok, maybe we aren’t all narcissists, but if you think about it, everyone is insecure to some degree. People aren’t focused on you as much as you may think. People who waste their life criticizing or judging you, don’t have the courage to be themselves and they’re jealous, afraid, and unhappy because you have what they want—the tenacity and self-respect to live an authentic life. Yes, I wrote self-respect. If you have respect for yourself, you will live honestly and the most honest thing you can do is to BE YOURSELF.

Lastly when you come to Seksé Fit and you step on to our cushy performance floors, YOU BRING IT! If you struggle with confidence, Seksé Fit will help YOU reveal or develop YOUR swagger, YOUR rhythm, and YOUR individuality. Remember nobody has their eyes on you when you are dancing or working out; they are watching themselves. Hopefully, after experiencing Seksé Fit and the supportive and inclusive environment, you will feel empowered and will not give a f*ck anyway. You will be ready to OWN IT! Now go have the time of your life, you dirty little dancer!

If you want to win the very first tee-shirt we made (featured in the picture above) please comment below about how our mantra, Live Clean. Dance Dirty, relates to you. The most insightful or vulnerable content wins (shares, likes and responses do help). The first 5 comments will earn a FREE class.

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